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Lions Club of Anantapur Elite – new club conducted Mega health camp

Lions Club of Anantapur Elite – new club conducted Mega health camp at Veda Infra Project office Premises at Anantapur. Dr.M.Viruaksha Reddy, President, BPCL Dealers Association and Charter President T.Satyanarayana inaugurated the Camp. Speaking on the occasion Dr. M.Suresh Babu, President, Praja Science Vedika – India still faces health care crises due to inadequate medical facilities. Old age health is one of the major areas that gets affected due to lack of proper medical facilities. There is one hospital/ PHC catering to the needs of 42,000 people. There is a lack of knowledge about proper diet and preventive care, and basic hygiene awareness is minimal. There is also lack of accessibility to the nearest hospitals which delays immediate patient care. Vyshana Sreenath, General Secretary narrated the importance of health camps – Our health camps have two goals- provide necessary preventive health care services, and educate communities on preventive care and nutritional diet. We will organize our camps in Gooty, Guntakal and Pamidi remote villages where they have no access to primary health centres. KIMS Savera is supporting us in conducting medical camps. Thus, providing rural families with good health care services for their elder people help us contribute towards improving the family health care condition of rural India.
Speaking on the occasion B. Nagendra Prasad, Treasurer said that club long-term objectives are to improve the hygiene status and eating habits of the people in rural areas, which will ultimately increase the number of healthier citizens. This will further ensure that children are not dropping out of school due to their poor health conditions. Additionally, it also liberates women to concentrate on other activities that will lead to their personal development rather only on their family poor health.
2d echo, ECG, GRBS, Blood, B.P, Sugar Tests are done to nearly 150 patients. B.C. Yuvatha leader S.Lokesh Babu, Muslim Minority Development Imam, BPCL Dealers Association Nageswara Reddy, B.Prudhvi, Er. Shyam Babu and Suresh Babu, Technicians Welfare Association President B.Damodar and Several others participated.



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